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A Life Reimagined in Colors

TODAY’s Life Reimagined’s Jane Pauley interviews Barbara Chandler Allen, Founder of Fresh Artists.

Fresh Artists - AARP Jane Pauley Segment

WHYY's Friday Arts

A Mid-Atlantic EMMY winning segment

"About Fresh Artists' Palates to Palettes Program
with South West Leadership Academy Charter School"

Watch the full episode: WHYY Friday Arts, May 2013

"Making Invisible Kids Visible"
Read more about the event: Fresh Artists at TEDxPhiladelphiaED

TEDxPhiladelphiaED - Barbara Allen - Fresh Artists

Online press

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SpringHill Suites by Marriott
"SpringHill Suites Rallies Around Art Education"
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Grid Magazine
"The Art of the Meal"
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Philly.com & The Daily News
"Southwest Philly art teacher develops recipe for success"
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Philly.com & Inquirer
"Money for 150 words"
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"Local arts project wins prestigious prize"
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"How to launch a second career that gives back"
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"Barbara Allen, Purpose Prize Winner 2010"
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Philly Daily News
"Art fund-raising nonprofit's success leads to award for founder"
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US News & World Report
"10 Seniors Thriving in Encore Careers"
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Philadelphia Business Journal
"Fresh Artists touches up public school art programs"
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Montgomery News
"Lafayette Hill's Barbara Allen founds Fresh Artists"
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Art Works, The NEA Blog
"We Take You Back to Philly for More Local Stops"
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The Times Herald
"Local art collector Barbara Allen brings young talent into spotlight"
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The Art of Finding Joy
"The Art of Paying it Forward"
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"Kids' Art Adorns The Corner Suite"
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"Next Act Supports The Next Artists"
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Print press



Sign Builder Illustrated
"Magnetic Materials "Fresh"-en Up Children's Hospital Rooms"
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The Wall Street Journal
"The Cause: Visual Feast"
Read: The Wallstreet Journal, The Cause: Visual Feast [295kb PDF]


Graphic Monthly Canada
"Fresh Artists uses print to fund art supplies"
Read: Graphic Monthly Canada, Fresh Artists uses print to fund art supplies [725kb PDF]


The Wall Street Journal
"The Good Life, Second Acts"
Read: The Wall Street Journal, The Good Life, Second Acts [1.4mb PDF]


USA Today
"A Redesigned Life"
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Philadelphia Inquirer
"Art Class"
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Rutgers School of Public Affairs & Administration
"Fresh Artists: Creatively supporting children's art through young artfulness"
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Chestnut Hill Local
"Fresh Artists: Taking Student Art to the Marketplace"
Read: Chestnut Hill Local, Fresh Artists: Taking Student Art to the Marketplace[736kb PDF]