Brilliant artwork for community-minded corporations.

When corporations make a donation to help us deliver art supplies and innovative art programs to severely underfunded schools across the country, they are thanked with a custom installation of beautiful artwork donated by Fresh Artist students.


Our large-scale digital reproductions of children's art transform the donor’s workplace into a hospitable, vibrant and meaningful environment. Our online, digital collection of more than 2,300 diverse works and professional fabrication options make it easy for donors to choose art that fits their unique style, space and brand. 


All of the artwork in our curated collection has been generously donated by more than 1,800 K-12 Fresh Artist/Philanthropists with the purpose of giving other children access to quality art education. A child selected to become a "Fresh Artist/Philanthropist" radiates confidence knowing that their artistry is "going to work to change the world".


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Health Partners Plans

Fresh Artists Artwork Energizes and Inspires Employees 


“Every morning I get off the elevator, and instead of starting to mull over all the issues I need to wrestle with that day, I'm greeted by these colorful reminders of what life is all about...our future and our children. The Fresh Artists artwork makes our workplace and our community healthier, and both are business priorities for us.”  Corporate Art Partner, Bill George, CEO, Health Partners Plans

Design Camp Kids

Why I became a Fresh Artists Philanthropist


We create real opportunities for children to be major participants in philanthropy, giving directly to impact other kids. We call what we do “lateral philanthropy,” since the children we serve are themselves the catalytic donors.  It is a circle of philanthropy in which children’s art fulfills a real business need while raising funds for future art making.


“I never knew I had anything to give. All I ever hear is what I don’t do right. Fresh Artists told me I made really good art, and that it could do a lot for other kids. That makes me feel fine. Makes me proud to do right and give to others. I like the way this feels.”   
Fresh Artist, Jaydan, Grade 10


Giving Art Teachers the Fuel to Ignite Change 


“So… you gotta have stuff to make art. Then you use up the stuff, and you need more stuff. And then you run out of yellow. We need a lot of stuff to make Good Art…especially yellow.”  Fresh Artist, Rochelle, Grade 2


ROCHELLE IS RIGHT. Making art demands consumable products. Half the Art teachers applying for our free art materials spend more than $750 of their own precious grocery money buying art supplies for their students. 


Fresh Artists Corporate Art Partners solve this problem by helping us directly deliver quality art supplies and innovative art programs to schools with empty shelves.


Gifts to Fresh Artists enrich lives and the workplace! 


Fresh Artists corporate donors will receive a custom interior artwork installation as a thank you gift for their generous contribution. 


Our turnkey art installations recognize children for their artistic talents and acknowledge the host corporation to employees, visitors and clients as a community-minded corporation. 


We welcome financial gifts of any size and encourage corporations to contact us to discuss their artwork needs before making a gift. We will survey your site and make recommendations for the number, size and placement of art before you make your gift.


The Fresh Artists Corporate Art Program is the perfect solution to brighten up an existing space or integrate into new construction and bring a meaningful story to both your employees and your clients. Our turnkey, fully-customizable approach ensures that for years to come, people will be talking about what an impact your Art Program has had on students nationwide. Browse through our donor benefits below.

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Turnkey Service

 Our professional corporate art team handles everything from site survey, exhibit design, curation, installation and art refreshes to fulfill your company’s unique artwork needs. Our collection has more than 2,300 original artworks created by talented K-12 children from low-income schools throughout the US.

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Community Impact

Installing Fresh Artists artwork in your office is an action statement to your employees, board, clients and community partners that you have invested in the future of our nation's youth and advocate for a quality public education for all children in public schools.

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Employee Participation

We offer an optional team-building exercise that invites your entire staff to have the fun of participating in the first round selections of art choices on a private, custom online “voting site" giving them valuable buy-in to decisions about their environment and corporate giving.

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Re-Freshing Workspaces:

We offer a schedule to re-freshen your artwork and re-gift and install the original artwork in local family and emergency homeless shelters. The repurposed artwork is installed with wall labels that can identify your company as the donor, in partnership with Fresh Artists.

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Co-Branding Merchandise

Freshen up your company’s brand with Fresh Artists customizable merchandise for corporate gifts or events! We provide a wide range of customizable corporate gift items utilizing artwork from our collection as a way to create a lasting "buzz" or as an impactful leave-behind with a wonderful story to tell.

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Tax Deductible

All financial donations to Fresh Artists are tax deductible to the fullest extent the law allows. We are a 501(c)(3) organization and registered as a national public charity in all states requiring registration. (PA Bureau of Charitable Organizations #37052)

finletter kid

Being chosen to be a Fresh Artist is the most important thing that's happened to me 


Before I was just an ordinary kid. Other kids got chosen for grades, basketball, being popular. Not me. They was Rocky Road and I was plain vanilla. But you chose my art and told me I was powerful. You said I could make a difference. None of them guys is powerful. Just flashy. I got work to do making more art. Thank you for choosing me.”  (Grade 10)

Installation - SAP

Giving Hope for the Future & Teaching Philanthropy


“Since you installed the new art in our new building, we have heard and seen only positive reactions to the art and the program behind it. The feedback from our employees about the young artists' work has been very positive, not only because they enjoy the images but also because it shows how SAP America contributes to local schools and communities. Fresh Artists is not only giving the students hope for a bright future, but also teaching them to be philanthropic and this is inspiring to us all.


Lori Morrissey, Project Manager

SAP AmericaNewtown Square, PA

Chestnut Hill Fareway

Exhibiting Children’s Artwork in Highly Visible and Unexpected Places


Children commonly believe the refrigerator door is the last stop for their artwork. We give recognition to K-12 children by showcasing their artwork in highly visible, unexpected places. Receiving public validation for their gifts prompts our young artists to see themselves as talented, capable and generous, with the ability to effect positive change. 


“I still can’t believe what I saw downtown. My art, really, really big. Filled that wall in that office. It seemed to jump off the wall. Everybody was looking at it. Looking at me. They told me I have real talent, and that I should keep going, make some more. Study. I could go places with this. Something powerful.”  (Grade 11)


Utilizing the latest in large-format digital printing, Fresh Artists offers a wide selection of installation methods. Listed below are just a few of our standard offerings but the sky is the limit and our on-staff environmental graphic designer can work with your team to create something that is not only spectacular, but one-of-a-kind.

WL Gore

Our Elegant Signature Installation

Our signature installation is an ultra, high-resolution photographic reproduction using standoffs that float the image elegantly off the wall. A museum-quality acrylic wall label with the young artist/philanthropist's information is placed on the wall along side each artwork.




Pediatric Specialty

Second Surface Acrylic

Second Surface Acrylic artwork is printed on the reverse of quarter-inch clear acrylic. All panels are affixed to the wall with 1” spun aluminum standoffs, giving an elegant appearance of floating. A museum-quality acrylic wall label with student information accompanies each artwork. 

Client - Tishman Speyer - The Jacx, NY

Wallpaper and Wraps

Our artwork is also available as in a wide selection of commercial wallcoverings, adding visual impact to your space. Interior wallcoverings are available on GREENGUARD certified media. A museum-quality acrylic wall label with student information accompanies each artwork.

Chestnut Hill Fareway

Exterior Installations

Fresh Artists artwork can also adorn the walls of your exterior spaces to bring the color from inside to the outdoors! Utilizing exterior grade vinyl and over-laminate wrapped over quarter-inch Aluminum composite material and hung with stainless steel stand-offs, you can be sure your exterior prints will last.


Because of corporations like yours, Fresh Artists’ impact is visible in art classrooms across the country. 


Art Teachers in more than half of the schools we serve have ZERO budget for art supplies. Period. Many art teachers must survive by being exhaustingly and relentlessly resourceful, relying on the kindness of community organizations or, more typically, resorting to using their own grocery money to buy their students consumable materials.


Because of generous corporations like yours, hundreds of thousands of children have access to such materials as juicy new colored markers, air-dry clay, watercolors sets, brilliantly-hued tempera paints, sketch pads, brushes and Cray-pas and reams of bright construction paper.

In the words of one teacher: 

“Fresh Artists is a life-line. You remind us why we are teaching art.”

Scroll down to learn about a few of the 15 innovative art programs that your corporate donation delivers to schools-in-need. 

freshartists program art supply grants art teacher craven

Art Teacher Supply Grants


Every year art teachers from severely underfunded public schools apply to receive gifts of art supplies from Fresh Artists. Since our founding in 2008, we estimate that our Corporate Art Partners and young Philanthropists have helped us impact the lives of millions of young people and delivered the value of more than a $2.5M in goods and art programs to art classrooms, touching children in almost every state.

fa 2017 cool jobs brian lauer 0590 lowres

Cool Jobs LaunchPad

A weeklong, pop-up creative community that brings together working artists, designers and makers to demonstrate their work to teens.

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An all-day brainstorm/workshop in design for middle and high school Fresh Artists kids working with industrial, fashion, graphic and interior design mentors such as Knoll Furniture and Crate & Barrel.

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Visiting the Kitchen

Palates to Palettes

An award-winning program that introduces middle schoolers to the creative careers of chef, food stylist, food photographer and restaurant designer. 

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Visiting the Philadelphia Museum of Art


A program that introduces children to treasured masterpieces in world-class, fine art museums and invites kids to adopt their favorite artwork, interpret it and make it “their own.”

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Chip Art

An exploration in paper mosaic design that invites children to use donated paint color chips and recycled cardboard to create brilliant, mosaic-like artwork.

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silly city 8

Silly City

This illustration project invites children to interpret local architectural gems with paint and recycled cardboard, applying their imaginations to their surroundings.

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acrylic print




Vibrant products featuring stunning works of art donated by children to help other children! It's a beautiful circle of giving that supports public school art education.