Philadelphia Museum of Art picks Fresh Artists for new Gehry-designed Cafe!

Fresh Artists' Kids at PMA!


The Philadelphia Museum of Art selected the artwork of Fresh Artists to display large- scale reproductions of their children’s art in the new Museum Café, which opened on June 18. Part of the massive Museum renovation designed by architect Frank Gehry, the Café will feature work by very talented, very young, local artists, showcasing their interpretations of masterpieces that hang in PMA. 


The children's artwork is result of a collaboration project between the Philadelphia Museum of Art and Fresh Artists done several years ago for the “A is for Art Museum” book published by the Museum. Elementary school children were challenged to interpret all the famous works of art showcased in the book in their own artistic style.  Fresh Artists then incorporated the children’s art in a companion matching game sold in the Philadelphia Art Museum Shop and museum shops throughout the country!


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Six years later, this lively collection made by Philadelphia 5th through 8th grade students was selected to be installed in the new public Cafe designed by world-renowned architect Frank Gehry.


“Fresh Artists’ children’s art was no doubt chosen because it is beautiful, whimsical and strongly connected to the Museum’s collections. Displaying the work of these skillful young artists is a warm welcome to our community of families and reflects the Art Museum's initiative to celebrate local artists.” - Rosemarie Fabien, PhD, Fresh Artists Board of Trustees, Board Member, and COLLAB at the Philadelphia Museum of Art


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“These young artists are quite serious about their work,” said Barbara Chandler Allen, founder of Fresh Artists and former Registrar of the museum in the 1970’s. “To have their art displayed at the Philadelphia Museum of Art is an extraordinary experience for ANY artist.” 


A bespoke Visual Magnetics’ framing system was implemented by Fresh Artists to allow for easy rotation of artwork. The children’s mini-masterpieces were printed in the Fresh Artists Print Studio on a Canon Arizona printer. The Museum held a celebration for the young artists/philanthropists, their families and art teachers this in August. 


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“I could never imagine this happening! This is a thrill I’ll never forget! I can’t wait to see my 6th grade artwork displayed in the Philadelphia Museum of Art,” exclaimed one of the artists, now in her second year of college. 


Fresh Artists maintains a curated collection of thousands of works of art donated by K through 12 students created in regional public school art classes or Fresh Artists’ Design Labs. Scanned at ultra-high resolution and printed on Canon printers in large format, the artwork in the Fresh Artists Corporate Art Collection is available for installation in corporate offices, institutions, and public buildings throughout the country. Donations from the companies directly support the delivery of art supplies and innovative programs to underfunded public schools nationwide.