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The Hydrous Story

The Hydrous partners with Fresh Artists to bring fabulous marine biology content to our Digital Matching Game Project!


"Did you ever think you could love slugs this much?! Yes, nudibranchs are slugs that live in the ocean. While their soft, squishy, bodies are vulnerable to predators, their beautiful colors are often a warning sign that they are dangerous to eat. They are best admired from a distance!"  

— Allison Fritts-Penniman, Biologist & Nudibranch fanatic


In celebration of World Oceans Day on June 8, 2020, Fresh Artists has partnered with The Hydrous, a California nonprofit international community of scientists, divers, designers, filmmakers, technologists, educators and concerned citizens who love the ocean and want to share it to protect it. They believe that in order to protect the world’s oceans, people need to SEE oceans. Fresh Artists believes that when children make art about a subject, they can SEE the subject, engage deeply with the subject and interpret it in a meaningful way. 

Fresh Artists and The Hydrous have a wonderful mutual friend, their Board member Peggy Snyder. Peggy has always loved Fresh Artists’ Memory Games and we both hoped that one day we could collaborate on an ocean-themed edition to add to our other six titles.  We’re making our wish come true! 

"We are so excited to partner with Fresh Artists to celebrate World Ocean’s Day. Creating art from images of beautiful and colorful sea life is just the first step in becoming passionate about the oceans! We hope to this project will lead to many more children that want to do more to save our oceans.” said Snyder.

Fresh Artists just launched a new node of the matching game series as a “make your own DIGITAL matching games project” - a guerrilla move to bring these exciting fun, educational family games to children “sheltering-at-home” as a result of the Covid-19 virus pandemic gripping our world.


One of Fresh Artists’ central tenets is to encourage and empower K-12 children to “take their art off the fridge and put it to work in the world to help others.” The 2 ways we typically do this is:


  • To digitally print and install giant reproductions of children’s artwork on corporate walls throughout the country in exchange for donations to purchase art materials deliver to schools in need
  • To deliver innovative art programs and materials to schools struggling with massive slashes in arts funding


Covid 19 slammed the door to our core missions. Corporate offices all closed; no art could be printed and installed for an indeterminate time and schools throughout the country were locked and shuttered.


As our tiny staff of 6 left our studio workshop on March 13th to “work from home” for an unknown length of time, we heard a new Bon Jovi song on the car radio, “Do What You Can”, encouraging us “When you CAN’T DO what you DO, You DO what you CAN!”.  


We pivoted immediately, and set about to design two new projects to bring artmaking into the homes of kids sheltering in place: a mini- Weekend (tongue-in-cheek) Art Kit to make paper mosaics out of obsolete paint color sample chips and “Make Your Own Digital Online Matching Games” where kid make and upload 12 original tiny works of art to make free, online games they can play and share with kids everywhere.


Peggy and I reconnected, and we saw the opportunity to challenging kids to make a matching game in honor of the UN’s World Oceans Day, June 8. Peggy and Hydrous Board Chairman, Kristina Woolsey, jumped in with exciting educational content - a gallery of ocean life for children to draw and paint! 


Keep an eye on the Children’s Gallery in the Matching Game Pages for portraits of giant sea turtles, sea skates, brilliant corals, and, of course, our new favorite creatures, the Nudibranch!*


Great art, doing good!

A BIG Thank-You!

Fresh Artists thanks The Hydrous for photos, advice and enthusiasm for our new partnership!

Erika Woolsey, Marine Biologist, CEO & Co-Founder; Kristina Woolsey, Mother of Multimedia, Board Chair; Pete Niesen, Diver, Photographer & Board Director; Peggy Snyder, Education Technologist & Board Director; Bob Concannon, Photographer; Allison Fritts-Penniman, Biologist & Nudibranch fanatic and Rick Miskiv, Diver, Photographer