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Teaching art can be tough, even in adequately provisioned schools. No one but you knows what it takes to come up with a new project idea – one that stimulates your students’ imaginations. And one that helps them feel their art can affecting positive change in the world. We have the perfect way to address both your kids' desire to help and their need for social engagement. Any organization can run a Pablo's Clotheline Art Sale to benefit an underfunded public school!

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Pablo’s Clothesline Art Sales

A grassroots program that enables any child or group of children to make, exhibit and donate their artwork to raise funds for art supplies in severely under-resourced public schools


Clotheslines Art Sales are fun and impactful. One child or a group of kids can make art and then host a Clothesline Art Sale to benefit a local school with empty art supply shelves. Church groups, neighborhood kids, scouts, families or a single child looking for a fun and meaningful project can host a sale. 


Fresh Artists supplies everything you need - 15 Clothesline story/workbooks for kids containing a simple, kid-friendly checklist to ensure the sale runs smoothly, a classpack of Sakura Cray-Pas, a big banner and all the graphics to promote the project. Sale attendees are invited to view the art, make a minimum suggested donation to deliver art supplies to schools in need, and select a work of art from the show’s Clothesline to take home.


There are two different ways to do a Pablo’s Clothesline Art Sale:



Register using the link below and we'll send you a list of links to download PDFs of the files for you to print yourself!

Register to download

2. PURCHASE a Pablo’s Clothesline Art Show Kit

Use the link below to purchase all the parts you need to run the program.

(Cost: $25 plus shipping & handling. Proceeds of the sale support our mission.)