Fresh Artists' Cool Jobs 2018
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Fresh Artists presents our newest innovative initiative - COOL JOBS!

The Cool Jobs Mission is to:

  • Introduce 600 at-risk seventh graders to people doing real jobs they didn’t know existed.
  • Show them accessible paths to these jobs in the creative economy.
  • Encourage them to stay in school and choose the best-fit high schools and colleges.


The third annual Cool Jobs will be held March 20-22, 2018 at the “Moulin” event space at Sherman Mills in the East Falls neighborhood of Philadelphia. This stunning, huge event space will be set up in trade-show format with booths for presenters and information about special career themed high schools, local and regional universities, and art and design colleges. The young teens will meet, in small groups of 15, with successfully employed artists, chefs, fashion, furniture and game designers, photographers and other creatives, and learn what it takes to find A JOB TO LOVE FOR LIFE. This is Fresh Artists’ most ambitious enterprise to date.  We invite everyone to be a part of it. 


52% of Philadelphia's creative kids with astonishing potential are at risk of dropping out after 8th grade before they even make it to high school. Artistic teens are often told, “There aren’t any paying jobs for artists.”



Look around. Someone designed the office chair you’re sitting in. The $300 Nike sneakers your kiddo has to have, the LEED Platinum building you work in, the set of dishes you bought at Crate & Barrel. The need for green design is taking off and designing prosthetics and adaptive devices is fascinating and meaningful work.



Cool Jobs shows young teens amazing, attainable career options. COOL JOBS is a 3-day pop-up expo, with seed funding from the James L. and John S. Knight Foundation, bringing successful working artists, chefs, photographers, designers, and makers together in one place to demonstrate their work to creative teens. We invite students from Philly, Chester, Norristown and Camden schools to learn what a typical day is like for someone working in a creative field. The message: You don’t have to starve to be an artist. You DO have to stay in school, take advantage of after school, weekend and summer art class opportunities, and work hard! There are lots of cool jobs out there that you can love for life. 


This year we are introducing a new section, CAREERS IN THE MUSIC INDUSTRY, being developed in partnership with Project 440. Joseph Conyers, Assistant Principal Bass of the Philadelphia Orchestra, is the Executive Director of this unique nonprofit that engages, educates and inspires young musicians, providing them with the career and life skills they need to develop into tomorrow's civic-minded, entrepreneurial leaders. Their innovative programs, equipped with a tool kit, prepare them for college and for careers in the 21st Century. We are proud to expand our offerings to serve musical kids this year, showing them real careers in the another branch of the creative jobs tree!



We’ve selected and interviewed terrific professionals working in the creative economy to talk informally about who they are, what they do every day, and how they found their awesome job. They will demonstrate their tools, technology, creative process and show finished products to small guided groups of around 15 teens. No speeches. Just conversation. Student groups will rotate to another presenter every 20 min, meeting a total of 5 people during their Cool Jobs session, and getting a ton of interesting, useful information to take home!



Fresh Artists provides private bus transport for each group of 44 of your 7th grade students to and from Cool Jobs, for either a morning or afternoon session. Each student will meet 5 fascinating professionals plus their Guide, who is also someone working in creative endeavors.

  • Tuesday, March 20
    Morning Sessions: 9:30am to 11:30am
    Afternoon Sessions: 12:15pm to 2:15pm
  • Wednesday, March 21
    Morning Sessions: 9:30am to 11:30am
    Afternoon Sessions: 12:15pm to 2:15pm
  • Thursday, March 22
    Morning Sessions: 9:30am to 11:30am
    Afternoon Sessions: 12:15pm to 2:15pm


Each bus is met by trained Guides, who divide the kids into small groups, and remain with their group for the entire session. We will do a shhort, on site, survey at the end of the experiance to capture the teens responses and measure the impact of our program.



We will provide participating art teachers with a short, lesson plan for a follow-up in-school reflection the next week. This will reinforce the experience, get valuable feedback on impact and set up an evaluation process to stay in touch with participating kids through one year post-graduation or beyond.



This is the third year for COOL JOBS, a Fresh Artists’ annual program. The Knight Foundation was very excited about our concept and they suggested we consider bringing Cool Jobs to many other cities.


We have assembled a team of stunningly successful people – doing what they love every day. People who want to inspire kids to stay in school, find the best-fit high school and pursue their dream.


But first they have to have a dream!

Meeting these people can change children’s lives. This 100% Free Program will introduce kids to new ideas, new people, new aesthetics, new technology, and new possibilities for changing their life trajectories through conversations with these caring and interesting professionals.


  • Cool Jobs



We've all heard,

Artist's Starve.

Here’s the truth.

There has never been a time in history when there were more opportunities for creative people to make a living.
- Barbara Chandler Allen, Founder, Fresh Artists

Well, we’re tired of this being a well-kept secret. We decided to create a space where kids at this critical turning point can meet fascinating, dynamic, successful people who wake up everyday excited about their purpose and potential. Making things and creating change.


The Space: Cool Jobs. 

We’re betting many kids leave Cool Jobs with a dream . . . “I wanna be a (fill-in-the-blank)”. A dream that will keep them in school, choose the best-fit high school, graduate and pursue their dream for a successful job to love for life.


This is a roaring success! Join us!

  • Cool Jobs


COOL JOBS Sneak Peek Party

We’re throwing a Cool Jobs Sneak Peek Party- our annual fundraising event the night before (March 19th) Cool Jobs. The same creative presenters that the kids are meeting have agreed to present their work to YOU! We are inviting all the grownups we know to graze and gab with other successful artists and creatives demonstrating their work in a night full of fun!


When - Monday, March 19th from 6:00 – 9:00 pm

Where -Moulin at Sherman Mills, 3502 Scotts Lane, Philadelphia, PA 19129

Who - Anyone who cares about kids in our public schools!

Ways to help - Sponsor a presenter booth, information wall, bus, workbook or buy tickets!



Help us throw 600 city kids a lifeline!

We need your help to make this a second roaring success. We are looking for corporate and individual sponsorships for almost everything that is nailed down or mobile! 

We invite you to join the following donors who believe fiercely in Cool Jobs as a major educational innovation.


Click Here to download the Sponsor A Dream packet (7.4mb PDF)


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We invite you to join the following donors & advisors who believe fiercely in Cool Jobs as a major educational innovation:



Adam Aquino - BEHR Paint

Jeff Ashley - Jefferson University

Carol Bailis - Wells Fargo

Barbara Bassett - Philadelphia Museum of Art

Antonio Black - Industrial Designer, Toys and Pet Products

Ted Borowsky - Foster KeenCut

Jackie Buhn - Athenian Razak

Nicole Carville - Haworth

Robert Chaney - Institute of Contemporary Art

Donna Cooper - Public Citizens for Children & Youth

Karin S. Copeland - Arts & Business Council of Greater Philadelphia

Stephan Copeland - Copeland Studio, Industrial Design

Heather Coyne - philafad, University of Pennsylvania

Susan Miller Davis - Architect / Public Art

Joe Deetz - Visual Magnetics
Megan Aldrich - Brulee Catering
Chef Gerald Drummond - Campbell Soup

Rosemarie Fabien - Fabien Communications

Donna Frisbee-Greenwood - Fund for the School District of Philadelphia

Susan Frostén - Jefferson University

Lyn Godley - Lyn Godley Design Studio

Elizabeth Grimaldi - Fleisher Art Memorial

Christine Hartley - Rhode Island School of Design

Douglas Herman - Rough Cut Productions

Jason James - Listrak, Fresh Artists Board

Barbara Klinkhammer - Jefferson University, College of Architecture/Built Environment

Christine Kochevar - PrintFly

Frank Lee - Westphal College of Media Arts & Design, Drexel University

Kelly Lee - Chief Cultural Officer, City of Philadelphia

Michael Leonard - Academic Dean, School of Design & Engineering, Philadelphia University

Maud Lyon - Greater Philadelphia Cultural Alliance

Zoe Seltzer McKinley - Blackstone Launch Pad, Philadelphia University

Tricia Trainor Monsell - Interface FLOR

Jim Pasquerella - CBRE

Elena Piperno - A.C. Moore

Alexandra Overton - Nelson

Karen Randal - Retired, Director of the Office of Business Attraction and Retention,
City of Philadelphia, Department of Commerce

Jaime Salm - MIO

Michael Spain - D2 Interiors + D2DA Architects

Gretchen Suess - Netter Center, University of Pennsylvania

Charles Thornton - Charles H. Thornton & Company LLC

Jason Varney - Varney Photo

Felicia Wallace-Benton - Daltile

Jerria Williams - Author

Kid Holding Artwork


"I'm going to be an Architect someday"

Kid Image Girl Cutout

" I'm going to design cars for a living!"


Kid Image Girl Cutout

"I'm going to be a 5-Star chef someday!"