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L.P. Collins Elementary School Cupertino, California, is in the middle of Silicon Valley. The 600 students K to 5th grade observed birds in their back yards and parks. They studied how to protect birds in a city, which is home to so many buildings with glass facades. During the distance learning and online art classes, they created bird images in a variety of techniques. A. Fankhauser, Art Teacher. Bird Fiesta Adam S, 5th grade, woodpecker Diya S, 4th grade, goldfinch Aditiya A, 3rd grade, toucan Arjun B, Kindergarten, oriole Darren S, 2nd grade, tree collage Amisha B, 1st grade, owl Viggo S, Pre-K, toucan Luke C, 2nd grade, robin Caitlyn L, 3rd grade, feather Justin N, 1st grade, owl Ishanvi D, 5th grade, blue jay Haochen Z, 2nd grade, robin