See Fresh Artists Kids' Artwork at Cherry Street Pier!

  • Cherry Street Pier


Fresh Artists’ Bird Brigade exhibition has landed at Cherry Street Pier!! Don’t miss your chance to see all 120 young artists' amazing bird portraits advocating for Bird Safe Philly and Lights Out Philadelphia. The exhibition will run from August 10th through August 19th, seven days a week. (Hours differ daily - click here for schedule and directions.)



These brilliant works of art were created by 3rd-12th grade students from Philly, Camden and Norristown public schools to raise awareness around the billions of birds that die each year from window collisions. Fresh Artists challenged these young artists to use their talents for good during a very difficult distance-learning school year and they succeeded. The Bird Brigade got accolades from Philadelphia Flower Show visitors, members and staff when it was featured there in June, introducing thousands of people to Bird Safe Philly’s mission and how people can take action.


Our young Fresh Artists feel honored to have their work featured at Cherry Street Pier. One of our young artists stated, “It makes me feel really good to have so many people see my artwork. I’m really proud of myself for making art to help the birds.” 


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