Make art and feel good! Participating in Fresh Artists programs is a great way for your child to make a positive impact on the world.  Have their art come off the fridge and go to work to help save art education in public schools nationwide. 

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You can play one of the Fresh Artists Online Matching Games or create your own with uploaded artwork!

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Weekend Art Kits


You can buy a low-cost art Chip Art Kit that supports the delivery of Two kits to low-income students.

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Hydrous Project


A fun at-home STEAM project in collaboration with The Hydrous, exploring our planet's oceans

About The Project 

Organize a Pablo’s
Clothesline Art Sale

You can join a national grassroots movement that helps one kid or a group of kids make, show and donate their artwork to raise funds to deliver art supplies to schools that can’t afford them.


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Get your art teacher involved! 

Fresh Artists has help for art teachers in schools struggling with big cuts in arts funding.

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Your teacher could submit your artwork to be considered for our national collection. 

If your school qualifies for Fresh Artists’ support, your teacher may submit your artwork for us to consider inviting into our national collection of children’s art. How cool would that be?! Check out our Gallery to see art created by other kids, We love ALL children’s artwork, but only certain kinds of art work look good really huge.  Your art teacher can help you find pieces of your art that might work for Fresh Artists.


In our Gallery, you’ll see art that:

  • is really colorful
  • has little white space
  • is colored all the way to the page edges


Your class could get art supplies

Teachers in schools that qualify can get gifts of brand new art supplies like paints, paper, inks, brushes and all sorts of things for your classroom shelves. 


Your teacher could run our cool programs

Fresh Artists has a whole bunch of programs to engage kids in making art and encourage their help in saving art making in public schools.