We can help!

You’ve got a tough job. You have high expectations, no budget for supplies and little time. You often fund art supplies through your own pocket. And you’re exhausted. We can help.


There are four major ways Fresh Artists can help you if you are a full time art teacher in a public school where 70% or more of the students qualify for Free and Reduced-price Lunches!


1. You can get free art supplies!

To receive Fresh Artists mailings, grant announcements, free art supply giveaways, and to sign up for program offerings, take just a few minutes to sign up.

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2. You can give your students the opportunity to be philanthropists!

Give your students the opportunity to take an active part in helping the world around them by submitting your student's artwork to be considered for the Fresh Artists Collection!

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3. You can run our innovative programs in your classroom!

Fresh Artists has created some really neat programs to engage kids in making art and encourage their partnership in saving art making in public schools.

Read more about the programs we can offer you

4. You can get help developing your amazing talents and big ideas!

Do you have an amazing idea for a cool project in your classroom and just don't know how to make it happen? We can help! We're masters of brain-storming and bringing big ideas to life.

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We're here to help, it’s that simple.


You can sign up to get information about our free art supply grant opportunities

Teachers who have registered with us will receive emails about grants including links to grant applications, announcements about pop-up grant opportunities like Surprise Supplies and information about program events that your classrom can participate in. You must sign up with us to receive this information.

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Fresh Artists Annual Art Kit Grants:

Want to freshen up your shelves for the second semester? By registering here on our website, you will receive emails about applying to receive our annual distribution of free quality art supplies to under-resourced schools. You’ll get good stuff, things like Cray-pas and juicy new marker class-packs, heavy drawing paper, Model Magic, and tons of other high-quality art supplies. Our Annual Art Kit Grants happen once a year. As a registered art teacher you will receive information on how to apply for them when the grants open.

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Fresh Artists Surprise Supplies Pop-Ups:

Throughout the year Fresh Artists offers surprise giveaways of art supplies via social media and email blasts. Paper, paints, craft supplies and other goodies: you'll never know what you'll get. Lightning fast, first come, first served, take all you want! By registering here on our website, you will receive emails about Surprise Supplies throughout the year. This program is only for art teachers local to Fresh Artists Studio in Philadelphia.


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You can submit your student's artwork to be considered for the Collection

We invite art teachers to submit student's artwork to be considered for the Fresh Artists Collection. We constantly review artwork submitted by art teachers in K-12 low-income public schools and inviting children to donate selected work throughout the year.


The Fresh Artists Collection is a “curated collection,” composed of images specifically selected by our curators to successfully scale-up into large-format, digital reproductions. The invited children and their families license this selected/invited image to “go to work” as thank-you gifts that Fresh Artists gives to donors who underwrite the cost of delivering art supplies and innovative programs to schools-in-need. 


You are invited to submit low-resolution photos of the strongest of your student artwork you feel might fit in our Collection. It will help you to look through the Gallery to observe the type of work chosen. You may notice that the artwork chosen for the Fresh Artists Collection is frequently described as “bold”, “vibrant”, “saturated color”, and there is very little white space. Not all children’s artwork successfully scales up this large. 


IMPORTANT NOTE: It is NOT required to have images from your school in the Fresh Artists Collection in order to receive grants of free art supplies or participate in our innovative art programs. Conversely, having artwork in our Collection bears NO influence on receiving support in any way from Fresh Artists.


SUBMISSION METHOD 1: Our Built in Form

To save time, collect all of the artwork files you would like to submit and upload them all within the same form. To add mulitple images to the upload, use the "+Add Images" button for each artwork uploaded. This way you only have to fill in the Teacher Information once!


Step 1: Click the "Submit your student's artwork" button below.

Step2: Fill out the initial form with your information.

Step3: Click "Add Images" to start uploading JPEGs of artwork.

Step 4: Fill out student information about the first student's artwork.

Step 5: Click "Click here to attach your file" and browse to and attach the JPEG.

Step 6: Follow steps 3 - 5 for each additional student's artwork.

Step 7: Click "Submit" at the bottom of the form when you are finished adding artwork.

SUBMISSION METHOD 2: Upload them to our DropBox

If you're more comfortable uploading the images to our DropBox, you can use the link below. You do not need a DropBox account to use this feature. Before you upload the images, please name the files so we know where they came from!


Please use this naming convention: TeacherName_SchoolName_StudentName.jpg





You can participate in Fresh Artists' innovative programs with your students

Fresh Artists has created some really neat programs to engage kids in making art and encourage their partnership in saving art making in public schools.


freshartists 2017 cool jobs eventbrite header

Watch the Cool Jobs Show with your students and introduce them to professionals who have cool jobs in the creative economy. Subscribe to our YouTube channel to get the latest and greatest episodes!

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Matching Game Screenshot

Submit your student’s artwork to us and we will transform it into an Online Matching Game for other children to enjoy! Download our free “Matching Game” lesson plan too!


Create + Play




pablo clothesline temp dev06 page 01

Clothesline Art Sales

A grassroots program that enables any child or group of children to make, show and donate their artwork to raise funds for art supplies in severely underfunded public schools.

Read more

Alice With Her Artwork at The Barnes


A program that introduces children to treasured masterpieces from world-class, fine art museums and invites kids to adopt their favorite artwork, interpret it and make it “their own.”

Read more


Artful All-Calls

Art teachers in any district or individual public school that meets Fresh Artists demographic criteria may participate these art making challenges designed around special themes.

Read more

Cool Jobs

Cool Jobs

A weeklong, pop-up creative community that brings together working artists, designers and makers to demonstrate their work to teens.

Read more


Silly City 

This project invites children to interpret local architectural gems with paint and recycled cardboard applying their imaginations to their surroundings.

Read more


Chip Art

An exploration in design that invites children to use donated paint chips and recycled cardboard to create brilliant, mosaic-like artwork.

Read more


You can participate in our professional development programs for art teachers

This think tank and idea incubator for art teachers generates and grows entrepreneurial ideas to help bring much-needed resources to their classrooms.


Many art teachers have great ideas for seeking donations of goods and services but may lack the time or fundraising experience to achieve the results they need.  Fresh Artists provides one-on-one coaching and mentoring to guide you through the course of your project, helping you flesh out your ideas and develop a plan for implementation. We can also identify potential funders and collaborators and provide assistance with press materials and contacts, as well. If art supplies are fish, Greenhouse shows you how to fish!

Greenhouse Sonja Smith


Our think tank and incubator for teachers that generates and grows entrepreneurial ideas to help art teachers bring much-needed resources to their classrooms. Fresh Artists takes good ideas and makes them great!

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Program - Sunday Salons

Sunday Salons

Professional development workshops hosted at the Fresh Artists Studio engaging retired art teachers to coach and connect “newbie” art teachers in classroom management and art lessons.

(coming soon)