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Fresh Artists is an innovative concept of child-centric philanthropy.

We believe art is a canvas that provides hope, purpose and voice to future generations of creative thinkers.

A Big Problem & a Creative Fix

Fresh Artists is a nonprofit organization dedicated to saving artmaking for all children and creating real opportunities for children to be philanthropic. Funding for art education in public schools all over America has been drastically cut over the past 25 years.

As an example, for several years in Philadelphia, only 83ยข per child per year was allocated for art supplies. In 2009, that allocation ended and many art teachers have little or no funds for art supplies.

The need for support is urgent.

Fresh Artists is a new model of civic engagement where children and benefactors are full and equal partners in the common goal: to save access to art making for all children.

Fresh Artists supplies innovative art programs and art supplies to art teachers in severely under-resourced public schools, and engages the children being served as full philanthropic partners in the giving process.

We invite you to support Fresh Artists and receive the gift of vibrant artwork from the children!

Fresh Artists actively seeks financial donations to our 501(c)(3) organization. Donations to Fresh Artists are tax deductible. Fresh Artists is a public charitable organization and not part of any particular school district.

Find out more about what Fresh Artists is doing for public schools...

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What People Are Saying

As the arts have increasingly taken a backseat in our culture it is an absolute pleasure to see the rise of an organization like

Fresh Artists

which not only encourages children to create artwork, but also constructs a vehicle for public school art teachers to receive exciting hands-on programs and supplies to help foster a new generation of creative thinkers.more...
Heather Gibson
President, Sentry Art Advisory Services, Inc., corporate art consultants

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