— Artwork must be original works of art made by children – K-12

— Family collections will be considered if children’s art predominates

— Content must be appropriate for all ages – 

— Artwork must be square or it will be automatically by cropped

— Original artwork should be about 6” x 6”

— Artwork and backgrounds should fill the square entirely, with very little “negative” (white) space

— Best mediums are markers, chalk pastel, oil crayon, watercolor, or colored pencil

— Very fine detail is lost – keep your designs bold

— Strong contrast between subject and background is most successful

— No photographs allowed

— Collections must contain 12 usable and acceptable images. 

— Names and ages are proper credits. Even grownups!

— Multiple game submissions are ok.


How to Photograph your 12 Artworks:

Take a phone photo of each individual piece of art:
— Current smart phone photos work fine.

— Photos must be clear & well lit. 
— When you photograph your art, get in close enough to so the entire artwork fills the screen.

— Make sure you don’t cast a shadow.

— Focus the camera on the center of the artwork.

— Snap the picture. Take several but only upload the clearest and best.

— Each piece of art needs its own photo.

— Photos may take a few minutes to load.

You will receive 2 email notifications from Fresh Artists when you submit your collection:
1) As soon as your collection is received by our Curator.

2) When the Curator uploads your submission into the monthly Gallery



By submitting your collection of original art to be considered for the Fresh Artists Matching Game Project you agree that Fresh Artists may display any or all pieces in their Matching Games, on our website, in our social media and in all forms of media, electronic and mechanical, and for any other editorial, PR, internet or televised purpose.


Fresh Artists reserves the right to moderate content for any reason, and to rotate Games in and out of the library at our discretion. Not all collections submitted will be selected for web publication.