Wanna see someone in culinary heaven?!

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Seventh graders at two neighborhing Philadelphia schools paired up to explore the intersection between food and art this fall, through our Palates to Palettes program. 


Palates to Palettes launched with Philadelphia Museum of Art's star curator, Barbara Bassett, juicing up some artful fruit. This year we're bringing 2 schools together for our innovative 7 month exploration of intersection between masterpieces of fine art and fine culinary art: George W. Nebinger and St. Peter's schools.  Along the way the kids learn about real jobs in the creative economy.


The following day, they re-convened at the exquisite French restaurant  Bistrot La Minette, where they enjoying their first taste of escargot. 28 out of 30 now declare escargot as their new favorite food!


Art teacher Deva Watson, from St. Peter's, is an old hand at P to P, having come up with the inital concept in partnership with us several years ago. But this was all new to Leslie Grace, who teaches art at Nebinger.


Said Ms. Grace: "I feel very grateful that our students were and are a part of this. Through the common language of food, our kids started talking more today, and forming new friendships. I just loved seeing my kiddos engaged in each others' company and trying new things."


Her principal at Nebinger, Natalie Caitin St Louis, was similarly enthusiastic:

"I had a chance to connect with the 7th graders. They were ecstatic about the trip. I asked them if they made new friends. They all traded Instagram info and other social media stuff with their new friends. I think all in all it was HIT!!! 


So it's true; you can learn new concepts, have fun and sample exotic French cuisine all at the same time!