Surprise Supplies

Periodically we have the joy of surprising area public school teachers with a windfall of high quality art supplies. This October, we hosted two days of what we call “Surprise Supplies” – a bonanza give-away – one at our studio for Philadelphia teachers, another in Camden for teachers there.


Imagine their delight when their eyes took in the goodies arrayed before them:

Quality paper, thousands of juicy markers, 4 oz. school glues, watercolor classpacks, brush classpacks, composition notebooks, oil paint sets, sets of gallon tempera, decorator fabric samples, samples of Indian and Chinese textiles, and a few great 4-drawer file cabinets
(great storage for art supplies!)


More than 60 teachers lined up outside our studio on a Tuesday afternoon in mid-October

waiting for the 4 p.m. call. Although our doors were open until 6 p.m., the shelves were bare in half an hour. Our reception in Camden was similarly positive. Shelves were quickly empty with teachers pushing away dollies loaded with great stuff!


The generosity of our corporate suppliers makes all this possible. Many many thanks, on behalf of teachers across the region, for the largesse of these companies:

  • Good 360
  • Mayco Ceramic Workshop
  • Nusantara
  • Sax Arts and Crafts
  • Target