Fresh Artists' corporate
art program

Fresh Artists is a turnkey corporate art program that fulfills a real business need while raising funds for future art making in under-resourced schools. Artwork reproductions from Fresh Artists children transform offices into warm, inviting, colorful spaces while saving art education in public schools. You can also use our custom-designed art making programs to build teamwork among your staff. Check out our installation gallery to see examples of this extraordinary art on clients’ walls. Then imagine your workspace transformed!


  • SAP Americas



Fresh Artists is a corporate art program with a very different product. Working with you, your facilities manager, interior designer or architect, we survey your facilities, make a recommendation for art placement and size and give you an estimate for the job. If you like, we can also guide you in the choices of art. Our secret sauce is the artwork – all donated by small, talented and generous young citizens.


The high resolution, large-format digital reproductions of K-12 children’s artwork are thank-you gifts for financial donations.  We borrowed a classic public broadcasting fundraising technique – make a donation to your public TV station or NPR and receive a thank-you gift of minimal fair market value. Our reproductions have little or no actual “fair market value,” allowing a high percentage of your donation to be tax deductible.


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Artwork fabrication choices

The large-format reproductions are priced by size and method of fabrication. Corporations and businesses have one price; nonprofits, large and small, receive a discounted pricing on a sliding scale. Fresh Artists has a strong commitment to also provide a percentage of its artworks free to tiny, very poor nonprofits that serve the same constituencies we do. 


We can put together an estimate for artwork and installation. You then choose your favorite artwork from our online gallery, and we guide you in the size and placement to match each location. We offer a fun, team-building exercise that allows your entire staff to participate in the first round of art choices on our special “voting” site. You then make a donation to Fresh Artists based on the number and size of pieces you require. We schedule an installation date and take care of the fabrication and installation of the artwork panels and wall labels.


Fresh Artists offers three standard fabrication choices for your artwork thank-you gifts. The donation level is comencerate with the type of fabrication ou choose for your installtion. We can also work with your designers or design something truely one-a-kind to fit your needs!

SAP Americas

Signature Installation

Our signature installation is an ultra high-resolution photographic reproduction using archival paper, ink, and adhesive. We mount to rigid 3/16” black core Gatorboard and float the image off the wall using standoffs.

Pediatric Specialty

Second Surface Acrylic

Second Surface Acrylic artwork is printed on the reverse of clear acrylic. All panels are affixed to the wall with 1” aluminum standoffs, giving an elegant appearance of floating.

(additional donation level required)

Independence Blue Cross

Wallpaper and Wraps

Our artwork is also available as durable commercial wallcovering, adding visual impact to your space. This option requires professional third party installation.

(additional donation level required)